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Capture Development Process

The Capture Process is a subset of your overall Business Development Process, and is focused on aligning your company’s capabilities directly to the customer requirements. This is done by having numerous meetings with the customer about the specific bid, critical review of previous procurement documents, in-depth discussions with onsite personnel, and a realistic evaluation of your corporate capability against the requirement.

During Capture you will focus on developing a detailed winning strategy based on your understanding of the customer’s requirements, customer issues, incumbent contractor (if any), current and future requirements (based on your client meetings), and any major issues (hot buttons) the client might have (like budget constraints, delivery schedule of products, personnel certifications, etc.).

The Capture Process, just like the overall Business Development Process, is to be tailored according to the timing, size and value of the current pursuit. If the RFP is being release in a matter of weeks (not months) you may not be able to have customer meetings. If the procurement action results in a contract size that would require large financial upfront support, teaming might be a better solution. Based on your Capture research, this pursuit may no longer fit your corporate goals and objectives, or may have to low of a Probability of Win (PWin). Additionally your research may lead you to have a better result as a subcontractor rather than as a prime, based on the requirements, your past performance, etc. The Capture process is designed to produce a winning strategy prior to the expense of proposal development, and will also help to justify your Probability of Win.

During the Capture activity you should be asking and answering questions like -

• Have we made frequent customer visits? Other stakeholders?

• Did we present a clear understanding of your company’s capabilities?

• Do we know what the customer’s main focus concerning this procurement?

• Will there be any new requirements in this procurement that are different from the previous one?

• Are there any incumbent performance issues?

• Is the budget stable? Do we understand the budget constraints?

• Is the RFP going to be released on time?

• How can we provide a better value to this customer?

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