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About Small Business Actionable Intelligence

Small Business Actionable Intelligence is a subscription Business Development/Capture Management resource designed to help small businesses compete for Federal Government contracts by providing research, evaluating contracts, and selecting opportunities for your consideration. The Federal Government marketplace is a competitive environment governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) which are designed to enforce Full and Open competition. There are NO “directed” contracts, and the possibility of a Sole Source contract is extremely small (as you must have a unique product/service that is not already available anywhere else AND the government must have it immediately). Additionally there is NO preferential treatment given to any company under any circumstance. You have to compete either as a Prime contractor or as a subcontractor to another firm in order to secure a Federal government contract.

One major difficulty of most small businesses is to know what opportunities are available for them to bid. Most small business do not have the financial resources to employ a dedicated Business Development professional and purchase the correct tool set necessary to research new opportunities. Many small business owners attend various “Briefings to Industry” and “Small Business Round-table” meetings in the hope of being able to bid on contracts and generate revenue. The problem is that these sessions are primarily designed to help the government agency with its mandate to inform the commercial sector of new business opportunities, and to help the agency plan to meet its socio-economic goals. As such these meetings are not designed to help the small business generate revenue. The value to the small business is that of “networking” which in most cases is collecting business cards and registering with large business in order to get into their vendor database.

That is why I started Small Business Actionable Intelligence, because small businesses need Information and Intelligence on specific opportunities they could consider. Our motto is to provide: “Business Development Information that you can use NOW to take Action and grow Your business!” and we do this by researching opportunities that meet your criteria (Information), providing supporting documentation to aid in your determination (Intelligence), and then providing support should you choose to bid.

SBAI exists to help the small business by:

  • Focusing on government contracts that align directly with your experience and objectives. We do this by evaluating your company, its goals and objectives, and then research multiple databases to select opportunities for you to consider.
  • Providing you with all available documents for your detailed review and analysis. This may include the previous RFPs and Source Selection reports, Questions and Answers provided by the government, listing of companies interested in the solicitation, current Draft RFPs, etc.
  • Providing Additional Services to help with proposal development for those bids you choose to pursue. We can help with Previous/current RFP requirements review, proposal outline; Competitive Analysis, previous Source Selection Review; Proposal Management; Technical/Management Proposal Development; Cost Proposal Development; and Past Performance Development SBAI offers two (2) levels of Basic Service to strengthen your pipeline of potential contracts to bid, and offers Additional Services in support of your proposal development activities for those bids you choose to pursue. Please see our website for all the details!

There is a lot more information! The goal of SBAI is to be of value to all small businesses by providing you with Information You Can Use NOW! Please consider becoming a Member which then allows you to see the full content of each of our articles. We will be adding additional content based on your requests, so become a Member and suggest additional articles to be posted!

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