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SBAI Additional Support - Pipeline/Funnel Support

Pipeline/Funnel Support is designed to provide a deeper dive into Pre-RFP documents that you have received in the Basic service. This will provide greater insight to your Bib/Non-bid decision.

  • AST-PFS.1 Shred Previous RFP – this service provides a detailed compilation of the mandatory and non-mandatory requirements contained throughout all sections of the document. The product is a tabular spreadsheet listing the stated requirement from the SOW or PWS, and the corresponding reference in Section L and Section M of the RFP. This allows you to better understand the emphasis the government has placed on a requirement, and how often you need to address it in your response.
  • AST-PFS.2 RFP Requirements Review – This evaluation provides a detailed review of your companies capabilities against the previous RFP requirements. This is very useful as the government requirements usually don’t change from procurement to procurement, which is generally 5 years. This analysis allows you to make a better decision as to your ability to bid and win the new re-competed opportunity, and supports your understanding of the need to team with another company to strengthen your proposal. The deliverable is a detailed review of your Past Performance against the previous RFP requirements found in Sections C, L and M.

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